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I am truly impressed with this series, I can not express to you enough, how wonderful this series is to read. My heart is full and happy and can't wait to find out what Payton forgot to tell the sear family, lol


A must read!! Couldn't put it down

I read all the time and have to say this was well written! I love the characters and look forward to how they develop!! Love the story!!! Cant wait for the next one!!!

Mark brogan

Thank You

A Letter to Science Fiction Readers

L.M. Lacee

June 2, 2023

Dear Science Fiction Reader,

I understand! I know how busy life is and I appreciate you taking a moment out of yours to read my science fiction  stories.

Writing science fiction stories, books and commentary helps me escape into a both simpler and more exciting time.  I hope reading my writing helps you escape as well!

-L. M. Lacee

My Science Fiction Blog

Some of my recent writing on all things SciFi, whether historical or fiction.

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   My introductary scifi Book For only!


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