How does science fiction help us?

How does science fiction help us?

Will science fiction help us to envision and prepare for potential futures, both positive and negative? How does this impact our decisions and actions in the present day? Science fiction has developed into a valuable tool for guiding us in thinking about and preparing for alternative futures, both good and terrible, in a world that […]

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What Made Lost in Space Classic Science Fiction?

From 1965 through 1968, CBS broadcast the legendary science fiction television program Lost in Space. Irwin Allen, a well-known science fiction novelist, was the man behind the show. The Robinson family’s space travel adventures are described as they encounter with several extraterrestrial worlds and cultures. The Robinsons’ space journey to a new planet faces numerous […]

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Daughter of Ethos

The Full List Of Books by Author L.M. Lacee You may have noticed, It has been some time since I stepped out into this fast-paced world of writing books. Way back, a little sarcastically, in 2018, I published my first book. Subsequently, it wasn’t from this series but from my Amazon Best Seller, Dragon’s Gap, […]

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The first book of the Daughter of Ethos series from 2019 Indie Hall of Fame author L.M. Lacee

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