Daughter Of Ethos: Divine Justice Book 4

Daughter Of Ethos: Divine Justice Book 4

By: L.M. Lacee

Daughter Of Ethos: Divine Justice Book 4

We find in Daughter Of Ethos: Divine Justice Book 4, Peyton receives a message that they have paid the debt. With those simple words, her life is forever changed. She is forced to go to Patamoglian and face the people that tortured Willian. He is her family’s loyal servant. Along with her sisters, she will witness a form of justice that they have never experienced before. When the events unfold, she begins to question whether it is truly justice or simply retribution. Peyton struggles with the weight of her actions and the guilt that comes with them, she must also confront her own ability to forgive herself for what happens.

As if the situation on Patamoglian wasn’t dire enough, Peyton and her family are once again thrown into danger when her sister Darby is poisoned. They lay at death’s door until the Star Child, a powerful being from the stars, intervenes and heals them. The Star Child charges Peyton’s trusted First Commander, Hawk Roeah, with finding those responsible for the attack.

Divine Justice Book 4 Uncovering the Truth

As Peyton and her family work to uncover the truth in “Daughter of Ethos: Divine Justice Book 4”, they bring those responsible for the events on Patamoglian and the attack on Darby to justice. However, Hawk is plagued by his own demons. He has denied his heart’s desire and as a result, his Rie, a powerful connection between two individuals, has become unbalanced. This tragic mistake threatens not only his own well-being but also that of those around him.

Just as they begin to recover, Peyton is contacted by a very old star. It asks her to come to the planet Draygann and rescue the unwanted ones. Without hesitation, Peyton and her family once again rise to the challenge, only to be shocked by what they discover on the planet.

But even more shocking than what they find on Draygann is the information they receive. They find that someone is trying to create Warriors again. On a dead planet, laboratories are built, ready for the arrival of a ship carrying not only Warriors in stasis but also Hawk’s brothers Reeve and Wolf. However, all does not go well when the brothers are released from stasis. They struggle to adjust and find their place in this new world. Hawk must come to terms with the guilt he feels for their plight.

Challenges to Divine Justice Book 4 Uncovering the Truth

As they navigate this new threat and the challenges it presents, Peyton and her family must once again rise to the challenge. They need to find a way to protect not only themselves but also the universe they have pledged to defend. The story is filled with intrigue, action, betrayal, and unexpected romance. Peyton and her sisters find themselves embroiled in a new adventure as they bring justice to the universe. One planet at a time. Along the way, they form new friendships and strengthen old ones, making this a thrilling and emotional journey.



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