Daughter of Ethos Price of Power Book 3

Daughter Of Ethos: Price of Power Book 3

By: L.M. Lacee

In this book, the Star Daughter, Peyton, arrives in the Indorino universe and entrusts her elite First Commanders with conducting health checks on the Warriors sent on missions by the Emperor of Jenersar. But when the matriarch and sisters of the house of Oraintarre ignore these requests and mistreat the Warriors, Peyton and her sisters must leave Prime to uncover the truth. As they uncover the harsh disciplines and degradation the Warriors have suffered, Peyton's temper boils over and she shuts down the entire planet. Meanwhile, Melody discovers a new gift as a powerful matchmaker, and bonds with a Turquall...

Daughter of Ethos Price of Power Book 3

As Peyton, the Star Daughter, enters the Indorino universe, we learn in Daughter of Ethos – Price of Power. At this point, she promptly tasks one of her most skilled First Commanders, Hawk Roeah, with examining the Warriors sent on missions by the Emperor of Jenersar.

These Warriors are not your typical soldiers; they have been hand-picked by the Emperor himself. They stand out from the others thanks to their strength and might. However, they are distinguished not just by their physical strength but also by their character. Also as men of honor and integrity. The Emperor personally selected these skilled soldiers to defend the universe and keep it safe from all dangers. They are the last line of defense for justice and peace.

Their expertise and bravery are unrivaled. They are devoted to carrying out their duties to the best of their ability since they are the embodiment of the Emperor’s will. True heroes in every sense of the term. These Warriors are and they will do everything it takes to protect the cosmos.

Peyton and her sisters are compelled to leave their home planet, Prime, in order to find the truth when the matriarch and sisters of the house of Oraintarre disregard these demands and abuse the Warriors under their command. They learn that the matriarch has imposed strict rules and humiliated the Warriors, turning them into nothing more than dogs. Peyton is furious about the treatment these strong guys are receiving and doesn’t think twice to shut down the entire planet.

New Findings

Melody, Peyton’s sister, discovers a new talent as a Tocho, a potent matchmaker, and forms a bond with a Turquall kit named Bacon in Daughter of Ethos Price of Power. She discovers herself connecting other Turqualls to their bonded partners as she learns how to play her new job. This surprises Rage as well, who is having trouble accepting the idea that Turqualls can bond in the first place. He created the Prowlers after realizing that the Turqualls of Maikonia require their own identity.

The plot is chock-full of mystery, adventure, betrayal, and surprising romance. As they work to deliver justice to the cosmos one planet at a time, Peyton and her sisters become involved in a brand-new adventure. They improve existing friendships and make new ones along the road. making the voyage thrilling and emotional.

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