Daughter Of Ethos: Deadly Betrayal Book 5

In Daughter Of Ethos: Deadly Betrayal Book 5 and just before Peyton and her family arrive back home from rescuing the Draygons, she is alerted by a traveling star to Prowlers stranded on a dying moon. She, along with a team of Warriors led by Jorge, fly to the rescue. At long last, much to Rage’s relief, Peyton finds her bondmates, but as expected, it does not go smoothly. Her bondmates are twins and they are only days old. Unlike Prowlers or Turquall, the twins are actual Tuarillians, placed in stasis by the Ancient Tuarillians for the Star Daughter. When the kits become adults, they will be tasked with helping the race of Turqualls to accept the Prowlers’ way of life in the new Universe. If not, they will find themselves answering to the Tuarillians’ justice.

Once back on Prime, changes are happening all around Peyton and her family. People are finding new employment and settling back into the lives they had left. The Draygons are learning to fly and what it means to be part of a large community. One that actually wants them. Freedom has never tasted so good.

Secrets revealed

In Daughter Of Ethos: Deadly Betrayal Book 5, ascensions and secrets are revealed and not all in the happiest of circumstances. The Star Child makes an appearance to issue stern warnings. Sadly, not everyone feels that having the Star Daughter in the Universe is beneficial to them or their worlds. So when a small rebellion forms on Prime, it is soon discovered that a world has sent agents to subvert the Terrans and Draygons. To sow disharmony and chaos. With their influence, they sabotage Peyton’s shuttle with her and members of her family on board. Through their actions, Hawk finds out who it was that incurred the wrath of the Star Child.

Off To The Capital

As time moves on, it becomes obvious to Peyton and her command that they are going to have to go to the Capital. Amassing a force to visit the Capital is no easy feat. It takes time to organize. Unfortunately, time runs out when Hawk and Reeve find out that the Jenersar Ambassador has persuaded the Government to send the Earth Ambassador with soldiers to the Capital. They will attend the Grand Meeting to request the Coalition demand Peyton release the thousands of females held in captivity. Peyton takes exception to the term, held in captivity. She makes it clear she will not allow her people to become pawns in the Coalition’s game. The book ends with the force from Maikonia leaving home to travel to the Crystal world to confront the Coalition.

This is a perfect book for fans of Sarah J Maas and Rick Riordan, with an exciting tale of courage, intrigue, and betrayal that will keep you turning pages.




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