Destination Home Book 2

Destination Home Book 2

By: L.M. Lacee

Peyton and her family have barely settled on their new home world Prime, when in Destination Home book 2 , the Star Child tasks her with a mission. Which means her dedicated and loving family must also leave Prime with her, whether or not she wishes them to!


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Destination Home Book 2

Peyton and her people travel to a small planet called Porquiel. Home of the Turqualls, since the Star Son created it from the ashes of a dead star. We briefly met the Turqualls a sentient being who resembles Saber-tooth tigers of old earth in Unknown Universe book 1 but expand on them in Destination Home Book 2.

Destination Home Book 2, finds Peyton, as the Star Daughter who needs to rescue as many as she can and take them from the clutches of their prides who have cast them out. Branding them castque outcasts.

Unbeknownst to the Turquall, considered as the Star Daughters chosen, an honor given only to some.

When Peyton finds her chosen ill-treated. She is angered and bestows upon the Ruling Pair, the rulers of all the Turquall and the pride leader’s fair warning. They must change their attitudes and beliefs before the Tuarillians. Before their ancestors, who were the favored of the Star Son, lose patience with them presently and take matters into their own hands or paws and decide for the prides. What their future will be.

Destination Home Book 2 Excerpt

Peyton makes it very clear time for the Turquall to remain as they are, is running out.

‘I am ashamed, as you all should be for what you have forced on these members of your prides. And what you are asking of your Ruling Pair. You are all descended from the great Tuarillians, and this is what you have become. Elitists who do not value or see the beauty within the ones you have cast out. I give you warning, your time is almost at its end. You will have to decide to perish or remember who you are and from who you descend. Your ancestors weep at the decisions you are making.’

This dire warning from Peyton is met with staunch opposition and disbelief. Peyton also has no choice but to leave Porquiel with those she rescues. And most importantly, hope in the future the prides realize basically; their lives must change, before it is changed for them.

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I have read all of L. M. Lacee's books. I have enjoyed everyone. I normally don't write a review of the books that I read. Ms. Lacee is an awesome author.

Elaine Dickerson Thomas

Can't wait for the next one to ready. This series is awesome.

This is the second book of Daughter of Ethos and it is a wonder series where the women of Earth are forced to flee due to a virus that has decimated most of the population .

THE government sends a distress call to outer space hoping someone will hear the call for help. When it's answered and say they have the answer to the deadly virus the government will sell the women . If course they lie to them. This starts the story of our heroin. I would recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a non-stop wondrous adventure. So looking forward to the next step into this new universe.

Jill S.

Daughter of Ethos: Destination Home Book Two By L.M.Lacee

So, Peyton and crew rescue more endangered “people “, some of her family find mates and vengeance is dealt out. I am hooked onto this story and the stars are unlimited. Love everyone in the family

Karen S.

Ten stars

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