Prequel Book 0.5

Prequel Book 0.5

By: L.M. Lacee

Set in the future age of Artificial Intelligence and a virus which has riddled the planet one girl rises to the task of overcoming. We are quickly swept up in the mystery at home on earth and the wonders that come from a long way out in the darkest realms of space.


Prequel Book 0.5

In this story we find out what leads Peyton to accept a deal with Divinity. A future not only fantastic but dangerous in our Prequel Book 0.5 shows exciting and full of life and death responsibilities which unexpectedly grasps Peyton.

The virtually unstoppable Virus that devastated the world first appeared when Peyton St Clair was almost five years old. By the time she was twelve years old, the Virus had taken nearly thirty-eight percent of the world’s population. This horror did not abate and by the time she was twenty-five years old the virus had hunted and killed billions of people.

Concealed from the inhabitants of Earth and with total fear of genocide riding the world’s new government they take unprecedented action. And call out to the infinite universe for help. Any help! This being a last ditch attempt at salvation however feeble, it was needed to happen for the sake of man and woman kind.

From The Beginning

Being right there when the virus takes those she loves from Peyton. We see her fight right from the first book in the Daughter of Ethos series, to make the world a better place for everyone. Sharing a smile with Peyton when she out smarts governments and A.I.’s. Also shedding a tear when she is betrayed and we rejoice when she relearns to trust herself again. We are with Peyton when she learns she is capable of love.

Finally, in this Prequel Book 0.5 Peyton wonders, are those spaceships outside her window? Aloud she says. ‘Why does the sight of that make my heart race and my soul tremble?’ These questions find an answer faster than Peyton may have wished for, but then there was always her unique way of turning trouble into a game. A game she played better than most.

Set in the future in a world devastated by a deadly virus with no cure and no vaccine.  From age 5, to age 25 we follow Peyton St Hill. A genius with a logical and analytical mind who was raised by her grandparents. The world is in dire straits and Peyton helps put it on a path of recovery. People are still dying and a desperate government has reached out to the stars for help.

Aliens are coming.

They offer a cure.

What will be the price?

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This series is great it starts out explaining and setting the parameters and then expands. The writing is smooth detailed and very understandable. I can’t wait to read the next book


Great Start to a New Series

As a prequel the writer did a good job of setting the book up for the ones to follow. Set in the future age of Artificial Intelligence and a virus which has riddled the planet one girl rises to the task of overcoming. Sci-Fi is not really my genre though I have read/reviewed several and found this story to be interesting enough to make readers want to continue the series.

-To The Author- I look forward to seeing where you take this story next.

Wanda Cooper

Good start to the series

Another great series by L.M. Lacee. I can't wait for the next book. I loved the backstory, it set the stage for the rest of the series.

Dana Ely

Daughter of Ethos

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