The Ascension Book 7

The Ascension Book 7 we find the Star Daughter will face the terrible forces assembling against her. Where the inhabitants of the Star Child’s cosmos will witness her entire might in action. Her unrelenting dedication and keen sense of fairness will inspire readers. Hopefully to fight for justice and believe in their own strength. The unyielding spirit of the Star Daughter is a beacon of hope that will encourage others to find their own inner fortitude and to stand up for what is right.

Readers will learn more about Peyton’s interactions with her family and friends in “The Star Daughter.” They will observe how her resolve is bolstered and her ability to overcome obstacles is helped by their love and support. This strong connection acts as a reminder that no matter how difficult things may seem, we are never truly alone.


Readers will feel content when the Star Child series draws to an end knowing that the Star Daughter was successful in her duty and was able to save the cosmos. Knowing that the world and its people are safe will make them happy. But readers will also feel regret and a feeling of loss as they bid farewell to this fantastical world and the people they have come to love. The series’ ending, signifying the end of their journey through the universe of the Star Daughter and the Star Child, will trigger grief. The series will still affect readers long after they finish reading it.

The Star Daughter by L.M. Lacee is a must-read for science fiction, action, and adventure readers. Many people have fallen in love with the series, and the last episode will not disappoint. Get ready for an incredible “Daughter of Ethos” series climax.


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