The Negotiator Book 1A science fiction novel called “The Negotiator Book 1” is set in the Star Daughter’s Universe. The narrative centers on the Wallace sisters Echo and Relic, who have completed training to become Star Daughter’s Negotiators. They are dispatched on a mission to a world where the rulers are allegedly concealing Warriors and staging unlawful conflicts in this first series. When Echo and Relic discover that Warriors, including an Elite, are being kept captive on another world, they are astounded. As they go around the cosmos and face difficulties, feelings, and romance, the novel introduces Echo and her family. The brief interlude depicts a dialogue between Echo and a male character in which she forbids him from using a phrase that may result in his death.

Justice and how diverse species are handled across the galaxy are other topics that are covered in the first volume of “The Negotiator.” As the Star Daughter’s Negotiator, Echo must weigh her options carefully while balancing her feelings and her duty to do her job. The tale is full with action and adventure as Echo and her family navigate new and dangerous territories. Along with conquering obstacles, children forge relationships and alliances that will affect how their adventure unfolds in the future. The story lays the foundation for an exciting and intriguing series that will take readers to the outer limits of space and beyond.

In order to learn the truth about the rulers and how they treat Warriors and other combatants, Echo and Relic in “The Negotiator Book 1” must wade through ethical and political minefields. The book also discusses issues of power dynamics, the results of actions, the value of developing intimate connections, and depending on people who are closest to you. Echo and her family must make tough decisions along the way, which will put their character and willpower to the test. Readers will remain interested in the book until the very last page since it is a gripping and thought-provoking read. The book also gives a distinctive perspective on science fiction and introduces a vividly imagined cosmos with distinctive species and varied societies. Fans of science fiction and fantasy won’t want to miss “The Negotiator Book 1,” which is an epic first book in the genre.






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