In the words of Echo: Welcome back to the Intercessor.

The second book in this series, Negotiator 2, continues the story of Echo and her exploits as the Negotiator. Echo welcomes new members to the family of the Intercessor and bids farewell to others as they embark on a new mission. The Negotiator has been tasked with discovering why a new species the Xantaru introduced to Maikonia, are being exploited. After a baby Xantaru, known as a Xeeah held in captivity, was rescued Command demands Echo find out why a Xeeah was cast out of his homeworld.

With her new family accompanying her, Echo travels to Juterra to ask the rulers that very question. Along the way, they will find the small world of Rutera where the Xantaru actually live. There, they will discover the elders of the world do not accept differences in Xantaru. Echo wisely decides to find out if this is part of their social order based on natural selection or imposed on them by their leaders in Juterra.

Trying to answer that question leads Echo and her company to Nutera, a moon, where the Intercessor’s warriors raid a lab and uncover scientists experimenting on the Xantaru. Finally, they arrive at Juterra, where Echo, with her own personal style of diplomacy, demands answers to her questions.

Once she obtains her answers, Echo’s unique form of justice causes more than one person at home to wonder if Peyton’s choice for her Negotiator was wise. Confiscating a world and turning it into a prison planet in the Star Daughter’s name seems extreme, or is it?

From the first page to the last of Negotiator 2, Echo must traverse the complexities of relationships, political intrigue, and moral quandaries. All while trying to establish bonds with strangers who need and want to be a family. Echo must confront people who stand in her way and make some tough decisions as she pursues the mandate from the Star Daughter, return ethics to the Universe. All while there is a conspiracy to kill the Star Daughter’s Negotiator. This book brings us one step closer to finding out why Echo has been targeted and by whom.

The science fiction world in which this series is set in, ‘The Negotiator’ is used to explore themes of justice, diversity. It also allows the reader to witness the consequences of worlds not enforcing ethics. Echo will endure a journey of self- discovery all while she gathers a family around her and Relic. Along the way, she will experience the full range of human emotions, including betrayal, loss, friendship, love, and laughter, all within the close quarters of a Battlecruiser.

In the words of Relic: Buckle up for another ride into the world of the Star Daughter’s Negotiator Echo Wallace.
This book is one of a series of at this moment four books. The author may change that number. When and if she comes across a story that has to be told.

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