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About L.M. Lacee

L.M. Lacee has been writing Sci-Fi for many years, but the thrill of writing is still as intoxicating as it was at the start.

When I first began. I am a huge fan of all things Fantasy related from books to TV/ Film and even history.

Peruse my site to find books and articles written by me. If you have enjoyed any of my writing please let send me a message and let me know. I’m a real person who loves to talk to like-minded readers.

What Readers Are Saying...

Good and exciting read.

I loved this book. I think L. M. Lacee has done it again. She has written another exciting series. If it continues to be exciting as this book it will be a another collectors item.

I know I have read each of her series several times and they never stop being a delightful read.

Vickie B.

Avid Science Fiction reader


Wonderful story. Very much enjoyed all the personality of all the characters, so looking forward to reading the next book.

Maureen N.

Avid Fantasy reader

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