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You may have noticed, It has been some time since I stepped out into this fast-paced world of writing books. Way back, a little sarcastically, in 2018, I published my first book. Subsequently, it wasn’t from this series but from my Amazon Best Seller, Dragon’s Gap, a 10 book series with a couple of novellas thrown in. “I actually wrote the Daughter of Ethos books first, even though that was my initial published work.” Finally, I released Daughter of Ethos: Prequel Book 0.5 on August 21, 2019.

Although my intentions were to produce a 6 book series, it ended up with Daughter of Ethos books: The Ascension Book 7. This was over 8 months. I must admit I didn’t write them that fast.

Who is L.M. Lacee?

Daughter of Ethos
Author L.M. Lacee

Well, what an interesting question because I fit the sister, daughter, mother, wife, partner and woman categories, but I am so much more. As I believe, every individual is.

My love for writing possibly was passed down to me through the genes from my mother’s cousin, Sir Noël Peirce Coward. He was an English playwright, composer, director, actor, and singer. He was well known for his wit and flamboyance. The Time magazine called it “a sense of personal style, a combination of cheek and chic, pose and poise.” Not that I could ever achieve such accolades as he did in his six decade career. With enough coffee, who knows?

My long time husband, Brian, oh Soo long, just joking has been my rock. When the first glimmer of my writing coalesced for me, it was Brian who focused my thoughts and then explained the reasoning behind negative reviews and showed me that my writing brought joy to many people. And inspired me to keep going.

With all that behind me now, or so I thought, but it looks like more stories have come to the forefront of my thinking and they need me to be their voice. Sounds a little crazy, but it is what it is. So back to my trusty keyboard and many, many, many. No, not nearly enough many coffees to follow.

L.M. Lacee Booklist & Summary

Following is my current list of all my books in the Daughter of Ethos books series. From that first novella that continues to grab people’s attention to the finale in book 7 The Ascension.

Daughter of Ethos Books

Daughter of Ethos Books # 0.5 Prequel

Prequel Book 0.5
L.M. Lacee Multiple Award Winner
and Amazon International
Best Seller

Book Summary:

The first book of the Daughter of Ethos books series from 2019 Indie Hall of Fame author L.M. Lacee

In Peyton’s story, we find out what leads her to accept a deal with Divinity. Taking her to a future not only fantastic but dangerous, exciting and full of life and death responsibilities.

The virtually unstoppable Virus that devastated the world first appeared when Peyton St Clair was almost five years old. By the time she was twelve years old, the Virus had taken nearly thirty-eight percent of the world’s population. This horror did not abate and by the time she was twenty-five years old, the virus had hunted and killed billions of people.

Concealed from the inhabitants of Earth and with total fear of genocide riding the world’s new government, they take unprecedented action. And call out to the infinite universe for help. Any help!

When the virus takes those she loves, we are with her.

She is fighting to make the world a better place for everyone. When she out smarts the governments A.I.’s, we smile. When she is betrayed, we shed a tear and we rejoice when she relearns to trust herself again. We are with Peyton when she learns she is capable of love.

Are those spaceships outside her window? Aloud she says. ‘Why does the sight of that make my heart race and my soul tremble?’

These Daughter of Ethos Books are fun and emotionally exhausting. Such a good read.

A 5-Star Review: Wow!

I am so glad I found this author. Brenda

A Critical Review:


4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2019

Set in the future in a world devastated by a deadly virus with no cure and no vaccine. Follows Peyton St Hill from age 5, to age 25. A genius with a logical and analytical mind. Raised by her grandparents. The world is in dire straits and Peyton helps put it on a path of recovery. To conclude, people are still dying and a desperate government has reached out to the stars for help. Aliens are coming. They offer a cure. What will be the price.
Ends in an expected cliff-hanger.
Great start to a new Si fi series.

Daughter of Ethos Books

# 1) Unknown Universe

Unknown Universe Book 1
L.M. Lacee Multiple Award Winner
and Amazon International
Best Seller

Book Summary:

In the year 2193, the population of Earth was approximately twenty billion people. Before a silent, relentless killer stalked the population, leaving destruction and devastation in its wake.

It had only one name, ‘Virus’ and it never slept, it never faltered and it never died.

From this killer there was nowhere to hide, there were no terrorists to blame, no environmental catastrophe to point a finger at. It killed without mercy or remorse. A deadly assassin, with humanity as its target.

Within seven years from the first sign of the ‘Virus’ it had wiped from the Earth, 38% of the population. Within the next seven years, the ‘virus’ mutated.

Despite all the best efforts of the remaining scientists, government agencies, researchers and doctors using everything at their disposal. The ‘virus’ ravaged the world. Taking life after life until the ‘virus’ mutated once more. Eventually it killed without discrimination. There was no cure and no way to stop it. As the years passed, speculations over the cause of the ‘virus’ were many. Militant terrorists were a favorite theory. Another was a plot by beings from outer space to take over the world. The most common belief was that an environmental experiment backfired. Of course, the most likely suspects for this were covert science government agencies that were experimenting with anti-gravity and hazardous space technology. As of this writing, none of these theories was proven.

Twenty-one years after the first sign of the emergence of the ‘Virus’, only one billion people remain on Earth. Predominate females. If the XY chromosome is not extinct, it is on the endangered list.

Can one woman make a difference in this world?

With the odds stacked against her, can she survive and keep the people who depend on her not only safe from the virus but their own government who have sold them out to a race of interstellar species?!

She can if her name is Peyton St. Hill, daughter to the stars. Touched by the Divine and given abilities far exceeding those of a Goddess.
Peyton with her sisters and thousands of women will rescue the Jenersar Warriors from servitude and together they will escape Earth and reach for the stars.

Nine planets known as Maikonia. In the language of the Stars, this means. Home! Created and shielded for just over two million years, Maikonia awaits the Star Daughter and all she welcomes into her heart and on to her world.
In this first installment we follow the adventures of Peyton and her sisters and the Jenersar Warriors on leaving Earth and traveling to Maikonia. Honestly, what can go wrong!!

A 5-Star Review:

Vickie Balliet
Good and exciting read.

I loved this book. I think l m lacee has done it again. She has written another exciting series. If it continues to be exciting as this book it will be a another collectors item. I know I have read each of her series several times and they never stop being a delightful read.

A Critical Review:

Bonni J
High hopes, but no.

I really wanted to like this story. Sadly, the punctuation was so atrocious that I couldn’t get any further than page 26. Periods where commas should have been. Very frustrating when I have to correct as I’m reading. Shoddy attention to detail.

Daughter of Ethos Books

# 2) Destination Home

Unknown Universe Book 2
L.M. Lacee Multiple Award Winner
and Amazon International
Best Seller

Book Summary: Daughter of Ethos

Home: A place that calls to the heart.

It has only been three months since they have arrived on Maikonia Prime. Not enough time to learn all there is to know about the worlds they now call home. Peyton and her family have barely settled on their new home world Prime, when the Star Child tasks her with a mission. Which means her dedicated and loving family must also leave Prime with her, whether she wishes them to or not!

Peyton and her people travel to a minor planet called Porquiel. Home of the Turqualls since the Star Son created it from the ashes of a dead star. We briefly met the Turqualls, a sentient being who resembles Saber-tooth tigers of old earth in book 1.

Peyton, as the Star Daughter, needs to rescue as many as she can from the clutches of their prides who have cast them out. Branding them (castque) outcasts.

Unbeknownst to the Turquall, they are the Star Daughters chosen, an honor given only to some.

When Peyton finds her chosen.

When Peyton finds her chosen ill-treated, she is angered and gives the Ruling Pair the rulers of all the Turquall and the pride leader’s fair warning. They must change their attitudes and beliefs before the Tuarillians, their ancestors who were favored by the Star Son, lose patience with them and take matters into their own hands or paws and decide for the prides what their future will be.
Peyton makes it very clear time for the Turquall to remain as they are, is running out.

‘I am ashamed, as you all should be for what you have forced on these members of your prides and what you are asking of your Ruling Pair. You are all descended from the great Tuarillians, and this is what you have become. Elitists who do not value or see the beauty within the ones you have cast out. I give you warning, your time is almost at its end, and you will have to decide to perish or remember who you are and from who you descend. Your ancestors weep at the decisions you are making.’

They met this dire warning with staunch opposition and disbelief. Peyton has no choice but to leave Porquiel with those she rescues and hope in the future the prides realize their lives must change before I change it for them.

A 5-Star Review:


Loved Destination Home, starts slow but picks up fast

Peyton and her family have spent the last three months settling in on their new home world. Maikonia Prime, the the center of government and military. The have established a planet for agriculture, another devoted to rest and recreation, yet another to live work and play, and moore. They have been slowly deciding what their society will look like. Leaders are chosen. Input from all has been asked.
Change is coming fast to Peyton’s inner circle. Heather’s mate has found her. He is a leader of his people. Heather will be starting a new life far from her family. While all the sisters struggle with the impending loss, Darby, is having the hardest time. Heather, herself, heart is torn, part pulling her toward the future with anticipation and joy, and part breaking for the loss of her sisters and the warriors who have become like brothers.

Neeta, shows abilities only seen in the Elite warriors.

Hawk and Dinas are sorry for what it will do to her without the necessary training. They need their eldest brother, who is still missing to provide what she needs.

Dinas has found his mate in healer Patty. Party struggles with someone as amazing as him, bring mated to someone as plain as her.
Peyton and most of her family have to leave home. Avana and her brothers are in need of rescue. The Solverea twins need to be returned to their family. Peyton has plans to get justice for Willian. She has a promise to keep to the Turquall. Warrior sleepers to find and some Terran females who have been enslaved to rescue.

Along the way Trina takes on Netta’s roll, minus the knives, and finds her mate in one who was always told his kind didn’t have mates. Peyton has found medical technology that can work near miracles, removing Willian’s scars is her first priority. Peyton has plans for the regenerator, healing as many of her people’s visible scars as want it. Using the Hananva brothers to heal their minds.

A horrible dream.

The Story starts out with Heather caught in a horrible dream. The next few chapters are slow, introduction to what many of the main characters are doing now. picks up with Peyton ‘s state of their worlds address and doesn’t slow down from there. Peyton, her closest circle of friends, human and warriors, have become a tighter family. Hawk has taken on a strong big brother roll to the young women, and a protective son to the older. He has found a kindred spirit in Rage, the young Pride Leader of the Turquall out casts who have become members of their growing family.

Story ends in a little cliff-hanger. More sleeper warriors have been found. Some Terran females rescued. Looking forward to the next book.

A Critical Review:

Rebecca Rittenhouse

Its ok

Book is full of odd conversations about people and their families you never meet nor hear about again. Alot of unexplained inside jokes. Dialogue between characters is not the best was a struggle to not skip whole pages. Story was interesting enough to keep reading so i gave it 3 stars.

Daughter of Ethos Books

Daughter of Ethos Books # 3) Price of Power

Unknown Universe Book 2
L.M. Lacee Multiple Award Winner
and Amazon International
Best Seller

Book Summary:

When the Star Daughter arrived in the Indorino universe, she asked her First Commander to conduct health checks on Warriors sent on missions by the Emperor of Jenersar.

Just as well, he had Darby to help him.

The one thing a world does not want to do is to ignore a health check from Hawk Roeah. Elite Commander of Maikonia’s military, when he asks on behalf of the Star Daughter about the health of his Warriors stationed on their world.
Oh, look, someone did, fools!

And yet the world of Oraintarre, or more precisely, the Matriarch and the sisters of the house Oraintarre, did exactly that when they were asked about the welfare of four hundred and fifty Warriors stationed on their world.
Now we know that will not end well!

Once again Peyton is forced to leave Prime.

Once again Peyton is forced to leave Prime with her family to find out why the planet Oraintarre is not answering questions about the Warriors.

Peyton and her sisters are taking Heather’s absence hard, so she is not in the best of moods already!

Obviously, the sisters from the house of Oraintarre have an attitude which will not serve them well. Especially when Peyton discovers what has befallen her Warriors. The Matriarch has instigated harsh disciplines for the Warriors who disagree with her policies. She and her sisters have also compromised some Warriors, reducing them to pets.
The humiliation suffered from these strong, honorable males inflames the Star Daughter’s temper, and she shuts down the planet.

Who never saw that coming?

In the meantime, Melody has a new gift emerging and finds she is a Tocho or matchmaker. And she discovers she is bonded to Bacon, the Turquall kit Peyton named, in book two. Melody has her hands full, not only with Bacon but matching other Turquall to their bonded.

It’s a race to see who’s more surprised, her or Rage.

Rage is grappling with the notion Turqualls can and are bonding. He realizes he needs to give the Turquall of Maikonia their own identity, and so the Prowlers are created.

Didn’t Peyton mention that name to him earlier?

Within the pages of this book are intrigue, action, near deaths betrayal and unexpected romance as well as friendship new and renewed. Once again, Peyton and her ever-growing family find themselves embroiled in initiating the Star Childs justice one planet at a time.

It’s just what they do!

A 5-Star Review:

Dana Ely

L. M. Lacee has done it again!

Another wonderful book in the Daughter of Ethos series. Every book gets better, I can’t wait for the next one. The book is exciting, you fall in love with the characters loved can’t say enough about this series.💕

A Critical Review:


So awesome.

She is killing me. I Loved this book. But it makes me so impatient for the rest of the series. I can’t wait for more.

Daughter of Ethos Books

# 4) Divine Justice

Unknown Universe Book 4
L.M. Lacee Multiple Award Winner
and Amazon International
Best Seller

Book Summary:

Peyton receives a message they have paid the debt. Those simple words can impact not only her life but the lives of her family.

Because of a promise, it forced her to go to Patamoglian and face the people that tortured Willian. She and her sisters will witness a form of Justice they have never experienced before.

But is it justice or retribution and will Peyton forgive herself for what happens?

Peyton’s life is placed in danger.

Once more Peyton’s life is placed in danger, but this time it caught her sister Darby up in the threat. Poisoned, they lay at death’s door until the Star Child heals them and charges Hawk to find the ones responsible.

Unfortunately, Hawk has his own concerns. He is slowly going insane. Because he has denied his heart’s desire his Rie has become unbalanced. Who will suffer for this tragic mistake?

An ancient star who asks her to come to the planet Draygann and rescue the unwanted ones contacted Peyton. Peyton and her family once again rise to the challenge, only to be shocked by what they discover.

More shocking than what they find on Draygann is the information they receive that someone is trying to create Warriors again. Secretly, on a dead planet, laboratories are erected ready for a ship carrying not only Warriors in stasis but Hawk’s brothers, Reeve and Wolf.

All does not go well when the brothers get released from Stasis…

A 5-Star Review:


Peyton and her family are once more on the go. She is finally able to get justice for Willian. The new Emperor and his brothers help her. She takes on his two daughters, Peneria and Imperea. They are both well trained warriors and she has big plans for them. Willian is not happy with what has done. He is forced to face his past so he can embrace his future. He has found his mate.

Peyton and her family are home for a short while before they are called out again.A star has asked for help with the people she has watched over for centuries. On the way she learns something amazing about her ever so helpful computer.

Hawk looses control, only the mate he has denied can save him.
Peyton learns of a race of cyborg diplomats being held against their will. She sends a team under cover to find a way to save them.

The rulers of Draygonia have lost their way and have been abusing their warriors, systematically exterminating them. Selling their eggs. They were once the dragons of Earth’s legend. Able to move to winged human.

Peyton has plans to rescue the bronze eggs.

Peyton has plans to rescue the bronze Draygann’s, the eggs that their Empress has been selling and offer them a new life on Maikonia. In the process Peyton expands her family by two more. She learns what her and Darby’s sons are. Melody finds her mate.

She also has learned of a lab that is using the bronze warriors to resurrect the warrior program and that Hawk’s brothers Reece and Wolf are in danger. They are rescued but all is not well.
Darby has found her mate.

So many changes in Peyton’s family. Some will no longer be able to or wish to be away from home while other step into the rolls, there is still much work to be done. Not all the warriors are home. Peyton and Netta have not found their mates.
Can’t wait to see what happens next.

A Critical Review:

Kindle Customer

Loved it.

I absolutely loved this book just like all of her books. It was very much anticipated and I basically stalked her every day waiting for the next release of this series. The only reason I’m giving it 4 starts is because like all her other books editing was atrocious. Many question marks at the end of statements instead of periods. Run on sentences that really needed commas. Misspelled or wrong words. Now seriously despite all that the series is FANTASTIC and totally worth the frustrations of these very obvious errors.

I’m no writing expert by any stretch of the imagination but the errors make the reading difficult and sometimes having to reread the same paragraph or sentence 2 or 3 times before understanding it correctly. But seriously this series in absolutely INCREDIBLE! I also set of myself for disappointment by expecting things in this book that didn’t happen yet. I’d hoped they would in this book. But really it can only be good that we can’t predict what’s gonna happen. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!! Back to stalking her for the next one 😜

But really… Please better editing.

Daughter of Ethos Books

Daughter of Ethos Books # 5) Deadly Betrayal

Unknown Universe Book 5
L.M. Lacee Multiple Award Winner
and Amazon International
Best Seller

Book Summary:

Just before Peyton and her family arrive back home, from rescuing the Draygons, she is alerted by a traveling star to Prowlers stranded on a dying moon. She, along with a team of Warriors lead by Jorge, fly to the rescue.

At long last, much to Rage’s relief, Peyton finds her bondmates. But as expected, it does not go smoothly.

Her bondmates are twins and they are only days old. Unlike Prowlers or Turquall, the twins are actual Tuarillians, placed in stasis by the Ancient Tuarillians for the Star Daughter. When the kits become adults, they will be tasked with helping the race of Turqualls, to accept the Prowlers’ way of life in the new Universe, or find themselves answering to the Tuarillians justice.

Once back on Prime, changes are happening all around Peyton and her family. People are finding alternative employment and settling back into the lives they had left. The Draygons are learning to fly and what it means to be part of a large community that actually wants them. Freedom has never tasted so good.

Ascensions and secrets are revealed.

Ascensions and secrets are revealed and not all in the happiest of circumstances. The Star Child makes an appearance to issue stern warnings.

Sadly, not everyone feels having the Star Daughter in the Universe is beneficial to them or their worlds. So when a small rebellion forms on Prime, it is soon discovered that a world has sent agents to subvert the Terrans and Draygons to sow disharmony and chaos.

With their influence, they sabotage Peyton’s shuttle with her and members of her family on board. Through their actions, Hawk finds out who it was that incurred the wrath of the Star Child.

As time moves on, it becomes obvious to Peyton and her command that they are going to have to go to the Capital. Amassing a force to visit the Capital is no easy feat and takes time to organize. Unfortunately, time runs out when Hawk and Reeve find out the Jenersar Ambassador has persuaded the Government to send the Earth Ambassador with soldiers to the Capital.

The Grand Meeting.

They will attend the Grand Meeting to request the Coalition demand that Peyton release the thousands of females held in captivity.

Peyton takes exception to the term, held in captivity and makes it clear she will not allow her people to become pawns in the Coalition’s game. We leave this book with the force from Maikonia leaving home to travel to the Crystal world to confront the Coalition.

Perfect for fans of Sarah j Maas and Rick Riordan, this exciting tale of courage, intrigue, and betrayal will have you turning pages.

A 5-Star Review:



I have read every book,L.M.Lace has written and each book gets better then the one before ,WOW!!!!

Which is saying each one are great reads, and five stars in my belief if I could give more I would, let me star by saying it took me two days to finished this one. Kept me on my toes.

Romance as always,suspense, action,and sometimes had me laughing so hard were afraid I made wake ones that were sleeping.

Hard put down….
It is worth every penny…
Cannot wait till the next one……

A Critical Review:


Well this series is a serious addiction for me. I loved this book much as the others if not more cuz the editing was WAY better although not perfect. The end came way too fast and I was hoping to read the smack down with the Coalition in this book it wasn’t to be. That’s where the next book will begin and I’m already on pins and needles waiting for the next book. I really really hope it’s not a long wait cuz that was a hell of a cliff hanger. 😬 She doesn’t normally leave a book on a cliff hanger so big so it’s a little frustrating. But this book was awesome! I’m sure I’ll re-read it half a dozen times waiting for the next one comes out

Daughter of Ethos Books

Daughter of Ethos Books # 6) Crystal City

Unknown Universe Book 6
L.M. Lacee Multiple Award Winner
and Amazon International
Best Seller

Book Summary:

In this, the second to last book of the Daughter of Ethos series, we find out that Peyton has discovered the infiltration unit that was sent to the Capital has run into difficulties. After learning the Coalition is holding a Grand Meeting and has forgotten to invite Peyton, she decides she has no option but to crash the meeting. Hawk learns the Earth Government has sent Ambassador White and armed soldiers to the Capital to demand that the Coalition force Peyton to release all the females she is holding as prisoners on Maikonia.

Peyton is angered by their outrageous claims, and if they think she will willingly rollover and play nice, they have another thing coming. Her people are not pawns in the game the Earth Government and Coalition want to play.

Before they even arrive at the Capital, Prowler I is involved in a space battle and is victorious. They met her arrival at the Capital with much resistance and armed soldiers. Undeterred, she and her people make their way to their newly established Embassy only to find Rita has been poisoned and the Menturians have not agreed to return home to Maikonia.

The day after.

The day after they arrive, Carrick must defend Esther while out shopping when she and her guards are ambushed. When Peyton returns from her own unsuccessful shopping expedition, it is to find not only a standoff between her new Ambassador and Capital Governors with armed soldiers, but Kardan and Wolf have arrived and are standing shoulder to shoulder against the invasion of her Embassy.

There are several twists and turns in this exciting installment of the Daughter of Ethos series and Peyton’s adventures. Perfect for fans of science fiction writers like Sarah j Maas and Rick Riordan. This exciting tale of courage, intrigue, and betrayal will keep the reader enthralled and turning pages well into the small hours of the morning.

A 5-Star Review:


Payton and her family head to the capital. Time to shake up the coalition. They have ignored the laws of the Star Son to long. The Star Daughter is going to remind them.

The Roeah brothers are finally together again. Peyton meets her mate face to face for the first time. Kerdan is everything she could have wished for. Her children adore him.

Wolf is uh happy to be with his brothers again. He now has sisters and nieces and nephews, but is damaged and feels he is not safe to be around. Peyton has a plan. Wolf likes what she is offering.

Peyton and her sister are bring more and more people into their family. Some are finding new talents and purpose.

The Menturians, at the Capital, agree to become Maikonians. In them Meta finds her mate, and Peyton an Ambassador, who has a very special talent.

The Earth Ambassador along with members of the Coalition Council demand a meeting with the Star Daughter. With them is a old friend of Melody, General Gunner Cooper. Who wax sent to investigate the rumors of Earth females being held against their will.

Coop has unexpected ties to Peyton’s family. He finds a good friend who had gone missing, a sister he was told was dead, and a mate and child, he was told awaited him. His team of five men readily agree to follow him to a new life with the Star Daughter and her family.
Peyton makes a connection to a young and new Ambassador and his sisters, from a world whose former leadership committed atrocities on another world.

They rescue 95 Earth females.
Peyton still has warriors missing.

Love this series.
An expected cliffhanger ending.
Can’t wait for the next book.

A Critical Review:


Oh my stars!!!!!

Deep I Loved this so hard. I have myself a book hangover. I am so desperate for book 7. This was awesome. And it just keeps growing.
The world and universe building is amazing!

Can’t wait!!

Daughter of Ethos Books

Daughter of Ethos Books # 7) The Ascension

Unknown Universe Book 7
L.M. Lacee Multiple Award Winner
and Amazon International
Best Seller

Book Summary:

From L.M. Lacee comes the last instalment in this series of Daughter of Ethos – an extraordinary science fiction adventure from Earth to undiscovered planets and all set in the world of the Star Child.

Sorry, you are going to need your tissues and courage for this, the last book in the series.

In this novel, Peyton battles forces of evil aligned against the Star Daughter, but thankfully, she is not alone. Her family, friends and her mate Kardan are there to help. It is just as well they are when one of their own gets kidnapped. Kardan promised Peyton blood will flow on the streets of the Capital.

The Star Daughter knows her time has come, a line has been crossed and for some there is no going back. Now they must face the Star Daughters justice.

The people of the Star Childs Universe will discover what happens when the Star Daughter embraces who she is and what she is capable of.

A long overdue science fiction series hot on the tale of Star Wars, Dr Who, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Trek by the bestselling author L.M. Lacee. Perfect for fans of K.F. Breene, S.E. Smith, MK Eidem, C. L. Scholey, Shannon Mayer, Jana DeLeon, Darynda Jones, Robin Peterman, Elizabeth Hunter and Denise Grover Swank to name but a few.

Let us hope the Universe survives.

A 5-Star Review:


Great Ending To The Series

The Council Meeting is approaching soon. Peyton prepares to render justice in the name of the Star Child. She gives all those who have joined her since arriving at the Capital the chance at a new life, be i t with her or not.

Peyton and most of the females she calls family attend a morning tea, hosted by the first female of the Capital. Peyton and her entourage gather intelligence, make some important new allies and friends. Give the females an understanding of who they are in the hopes the pass on what the learn to their males. Peyton is able to directly confront the Empress of Jenersar, and passes her judgement.

Those in power again make an attack on Peyton’s family. The Elders targeting the children. They then resort to kidnapping. Finally a full scale attack on her Embassy. Two of those dearly to her are gravely injured. Peyton is not deterred.

The Council Meeting commences. Peyton takes control. The judgement of the Star Daughter is swift and without mercy. The Star Child puts their peoples rulers on notice. They will bring Ethos back to the Universe, or suffer the consequences.

A nice epilogue to wrap up the story, with and opening for 30 years in the future when the Star Child returns to evaluate the progress of the people in returning to the Ethos laid down by the Star Son.

A Critical Review:


LOVE this whole series..

Started with her Dragon’s Gap series and wait impatiently for everything she writes…

Well written and pulls you in, my favorite kind of books. Editing is iffy on some of the books which usually turns me off completely but the stories are just so compelling that I can’t put them down…

If I had to nit pick. I felt like a few parts were rushed. The kits being grown all of a sudden was glossed over for instance. I wasn’t ready for the series to be over. I wanted to see Netta and Kardan’s match on the way home, what happens with Wolf, what special talent does BeeBee have….

A few key players still need Bondmates and or mates..

I want more, lol…


I believe one person can make a difference regardless of where they came from or what trials and tribulations they we confront.

You do not need to be a super being to change other’s lives. All you need is faith in yourself and love for others. Friendships are powerful and enduring.

I also believe family is a state of being, not so much just blood. I hope my characters show nothing is impossible to overcome… With coffee. They help even horrors that seem impossible to confront with kindness, love and patience, and coffee.

I do pray you enjoyed all my Daughter of Ethos Books because, really, you are who I write for… I already know the stories!

Daughter of Ethos Books

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